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The Buccaneer makes it easy for you to simply get the toys that you want. Browse from an inbuilt library containing hundreds of free toys and 3d models, or browse the web for free STL files, then simply tap "Print". No PC is required, print directly from your iPhone or Android.

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We just held another event last week at the SUBCON Thailand 2015 (It’s the largest industrial subcontracting exhibition for industrial parts and business).
We had a good feed backs selling 6 units at the booth and received a handful of appointments to visit them at their offices and factories. Using the new/updated extruder heads, we were able to print out more samples/shapes/objects without any problem. We have been able to print non-stop using the new extruder head.
We are now more confident then ever that Pirate3D printer can easily compete with the higher price/bigger name companies. Since the printer is very affordable, most of the people we talked to like the idea to have multiple Pirate3D printers at their offices than just one really expensive printer. This is one of the key sales solutions that we have been pitching to the clients we talked to. Since all printers in the market right take a very long time to print, our clients really like the idea of having multiple objects printing on multiple printers.

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