The only toy that gives you one thousand more toys.
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The Buccaneer Experience

The Buccaneer makes it easy for you to simply get the toys that you want. Browse from an inbuilt library containing hundreds of free toys and 3d models, or browse the web for free STL files, then simply tap "Print". No PC is required, print directly from your iPhone or Android.

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The Buccaneer is built to be as easily set up as possible. Buccaneer is fully set up and ready to go in minutes .



The Buccaneer App makes it easy for you to select the toys that you'd like to print. It's really just tap-to-print.



Buccaneer receives the information for 3d printing your toys via Wi-Fi. All you have to do is sit-back and be amazed.

The Buccaneer is not yet available in United States

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