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The Buccaneer Experience

The Buccaneer makes it easy for you to simply get the toys that you want. Browse from an inbuilt library containing hundreds of free toys and 3d models, or browse the web for free STL files, then simply tap "Print". No PC is required, print directly from your iPhone or Android.

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Simple to Print

I think I love you guys now! Pirate 3D may have had a seemingly slow start, but once they get going they really come through! Love how easy the printer is to use! Truly any one could use the Pirate 3D “Buccaneer”. It amazed me how very simple it is to print, especially after using other printers. It’s like having some thing as complex and functional as a smart phone with the “one button ease” of a garage door opener. It looks good enough that my wife even let’s me keep it inside the house. Plus when something did go wrong they were on it! They had a solution to my problem so quick that by the time I noticed the email it was already half way to my house.

Retail Customer