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Quality. We founded Pirate3D to bring affordable quality 3D printing to the everyday person. All of our engineering efforts have been focused in bringing you the best experience per dollar for 3D printing in the world.

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A truly consumer friendly printer

I received my printer a few months ago. I want everyone who is reading this to understand that you guys are truly waiting for a very good product. What you guys are working on is something worth waiting for.
Software: I use the android app for all of my prints and it works very well and very smooth. Whenever I have an STL that I need to print (That is not on treasure island) I just click on it anywhere in my phone (ex. Google Drive, My files) and it opens the app and shows a preview and I can easily adjust the settings. Also, it does a great job of adding supports where needed. Overall, It is a very clean and great app to use.
Hardware: The printer itself works just as well as the software. The resolution is very good and the print speed is good as well. I have printed for hours and hours straight and have encountered absolutely 0 jams. The print plate works well and unlike what some of you might have heard I have printed many times and the filament sticks to the bed every time and is easy to take off the bed. It looks elegant on my desk and is a pleasure to look at.
I believe Pirate3D has worked very hard at creating a truly consumer friendly printer that is easy to use. My son can fully operate and use the printer and the app. I am extremely glad with my investment and hope all the best for you and your printer. If you are still waiting, trust me it is worth it. I have used many printers and and I am very glad I got this printer for my family and I.

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