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Quality. We founded Pirate3D to bring affordable quality 3D printing to the everyday person. All of our engineering efforts have been focused in bringing you the best experience per dollar for 3D printing in the world.

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Print Quality is Superb

What a great Product, Yes Pirate3D got some bad press over the delays with shipping this printer out and to be honest I was disappointed to have waited so long for the printer, particularly since I was once of the first Kick-starter backers. I was a bit nervous when it finally arrived due to the wait and not wanting to be disappointed. And I wasn’t…This Printer is just brilliant, the Print quality at 50 micron is just superb. This printer will hands down smash all the other desktop 3D Printers out there on print quality and easy of use. This is the first 3D printer I have seen that is truly “Plug and Play”. Being able to print from my iPhone wirelessly is very cool too.