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Quality. We founded Pirate3D to bring affordable quality 3D printing to the everyday person. All of our engineering efforts have been focused in bringing you the best experience per dollar for 3D printing in the world.

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Received my printer two weeks ago. Started printing right out of the box without issue. Things were going so well, I ran out of material on day 5. Brendan and the team promptly shipped me the extra spool of material that was supposed to come with my original shipment. While waiting for my additional spool of material my main logic board went out on me. After a few quick emails to the team, I also had a new board on the way.
My new board arrived today. It was installed in 15 minutes. While I was at it, I removed some broken filament without issue. What shocked me the most was how easy the buccaneer is to work on. Even without using the video tutorials I was able to install my new board and remove the broken filament quickly and easily.
After setting the printer up again in my iOS app (new board means new ssid) and recalibrating, I was back in action. My first print turned out even better than any of the previous prints.
The wait for my buccaneer was just like yours. Frustrating at times. It was worth the wait. The technical support the Pirate3D team offers from across the globe was refreshing. I wish you all the best. If I can offer any assistance to any of you please let me know.

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