Frequently Asked Questions

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1. The Buccaneer.

Should I buy the Buccaneer?

Yarrr, you totally should!

What is the quality of prints achievable with the Buccaneer?

The Buccaneer is capable of producing prints with resolution of up to 50 microns per layer.

Are cartridges refillable or proprietary?

Our cartridges are refillable. We, however, recommend using Pirate3D’s filament.

How large is cartridge capacity?

Each spool of filament contains 400 grams of PLA plastic.

Does the price of the Buccaneer include the software?

Short answer: yes, software is included. Long answer: You won’t need to install any software. All necessary software is already pre-installed on board of your Buccaneer.

Do you have a showroom or do you provide demo units?

No, we currently do not have plans to establish a showroom. Regarding the demo units, please contact us and we will refer you to a relevant regional distributor.

2. Printing.

How complex can the models be?

Answer pending.

Will the Buccaneer’s Wi-Fi affect the quality of my internet connection in any way?

Answer pending.

What materials can I print with?

The Buccaneer only supports PLA. Printing other types of materials is possible but will void the warranty.

Can it print Thingiverse objects?

Yes. Also, you may want to explore Treasure Island, Pirate3D’s marketplace of 3D models. If you have a Buccaneer, you can print from Treasure Island virtually in one click.

3. Software.

Will you create an iPad app?

Yes, iOS apps are in our pipeline.

Does the software create supports automatically, or should the model have supports itself?

Yes, the software creates supports automatically.

Can I print files directly from my computer, or do I have to use the cloud service?

Yes, you can print STL and Smart Objects files directly from your computer. Also, you will be able to print from your smartphone or tablet. If you want to print from the cloud, you can explore Treasure Island, Pirate3D’s marketplace of 3D models. If you have a Buccaneer, you can print from there virtually in one click.

Can I print from Maya, Solidworks, Sketchup, or other 3rd party CAD software?

Only if you convert your models to STL format. Also, in the future we will be releasing the communications API for our 3D printer to allow developers write plugins.

Will the software handle Step files directly from a CAD package or other formats (e.g. Solidworks)?

No, they need to be converted to STL format.

4. Delivery.

Why is international shipping so expensive?

We hate spending money on shipping just as much as you do. But the problem with all 3D printers is that they are all so heavy! Shipping weight of the Buccaneer Bundle (printer and one cartridge) is around 12 kg. Each additional bundle of cartridges weights 3.5 kg. Shipping to selected countries is covered by a blanket deal with our logistics company. Shipping from Singapore to more logistically complicated regions (e.g. South America, Eastern Europe) is not. This means that the price of shipping is not volume-discounted, and it includes hefty fuel surcharges.

Why is shipping to some countries just $100 / $150?

We were able to secure a deal with a logistics partner and this helped to provide discounted shipping to selected countries. Shipping from Singapore to more logistically complicated regions (South America, Eastern Europe, etc.) is performed by a courier service, and is far more expensive.

When will the Buccaneer be delivered?

1-3 weeks depending on your location.