Touchable Memories

by Buccaneer

Touchable Memories is a social experiment where we give technology an innovative application, testing it in an unexplored field and achieving incredible results, making people aware of the endless possibilities of using technology to make our lives better.

Because wonderful things can be achieved when technology is for all of us.


He’s a citizen of the world that has lived in places like Germany, Canada, Bolivia and Japan, working as a Director of photography. Despite going blind eight years ago, in 2012 he went to Bolivia with a production crew to shoot a short movie, as the Director of photography.

The first scene of the movie took place in an elderly woman´s room before sunrise. That moment, when he was able to do what he loves one more time, is something that Gabor will never forget.

“I know all its details in my mind”


Also known as Blind Reverendo, is an Italian musician who traveled the world sharing his songs full of energy, colour and joy. On 2013, Mario published his first CD called “Voices”. A collection of 12 songs that captures his experiences, with an original cover design that represents him at that time in his life.

“I wouldn’t know how to give you
a perfect or, at least, accurate description”


Imagination is a powerful thing for people like Meritxell, because its what helps her create her own version of this world. This young girl from Barcelona was born blind, but that never was a barrier.

Imagination is what also helps her bring back the moments in her life she likes most: sensations from when she was just a little girl, having a good time and doing all the things that people don’t do once they grow up.

 “Memories are something that fades a little with time”


This young man was born blind, but that didn’t stop him from enjoying a childhood full of happy moments with his family and especially his father who passed away when he was only 5 years old.

A smile lights up Yassine’s face every time he talks about him, remembering all the moments when his father held him in his arms and hurled him into the air, making him feel like he could fly.

“My father used to called me “my little bird” every time we played together”


As an accessibility consultant, Daniela helps people with special needs in using technology to enhance their lives. She lived in New York as a baby and after that, spent her childhood in Florida and Massachusetts, surrounded by her family, who were always there for her.

What Daniela remembers the most from those days are the winters when she traveled to Colorado with her family to enjoy the ski season.

“It brings up one of the happiest moments of my life”